Rick Silver 


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Magic for all ages?   Really?   Well, officially my shows are recommended for ages 5 and up but the point of this slogan is that magic is not just for kids.   A magical experience is especially important for adults.   You see, as we grow up, we tend to lose that sense of wonder , that moment of astonishment  that makes us go "Wow".

But while we’re talking about this subject, I would like to say that my shows are designed and structured for the age group I am performing for.   My show for 5 year olds is different from my show for 8 year olds.  That show is different from my show for grownups.   And my family show is a mix of all of these.   I don’t perform for children under 5.   Why?   I tried that and I didn’t feel comfortable with it.    So you can be sure that I am proud of the shows I do perform….for kids AND adults!